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This article describes how to contribute to this Wiki.

Writing style

  • Keep it short and simple. 500-1000 words is probably a good range. Describe the content in simple terms for the reader, and point them to where they can learn more. Most people will scroll through and not read the article in its entirety, especially if it contains too many mundane details.
  • Don't be polemical. Modern World Wiki is "dedicated to understanding the world around us." This can include critical analysis, but polemics are off limits. Presenting the various viewpoints that exist on a topic or the argument that a reputable scholar has made are fine, explicitly advocating for a particular belief is probably not.
  • Link articles to each other. The more we do this, the more MWW grows as an ecosystem. See this guide on how to do it.
  • Cite your sources. Gather and cite reputable sources as much as possible. Make sure to provide further reading and external links as well, preferably with a description of the type and length of each source.

Articles to write

These are some ideas for articles that can exist on this wiki. If you write an article, make sure to remove it from this list. And feel free to add article ideas to this list as they come to you!